Frequently asked questions


When do courses start?

Intensive courses start every Monday of the year, however, if you need something different, let us know so that we can work out an alternative.

What is included in the tariff?

We include everything necessary for the courses. There is no enrollment fee, and we do not charge for the materials. You just have to bring your notebook and a pencil.

What it the teachers’ background?

Our teachers are native speakers and all of them hold an academic degree compatible with the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.  They are all experienced in this area.

How does progression in learning happen?

Learning progress depends on each student’s capacity. We can not guarantee standard advances, however, since we are a small school, we can assure you that your teacher and our team will be focused in accompany you through this process, so that it may happen in the most efficient way.

If you haven’t studied Spanish before and you don’t know anything about it, we recommend you to take at least a 6-weeks intensive course. After this you will have the basic tools to speak Spanish at a beginner level.

If your objective is to study grammar and reach an advanced level, we recommend you to study at least a 24-weeks intensive course.

Where are the students from?

Students come from everywhere around the globe, but mainly from U.S.A. and Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea and India.

What happens if I don’t like the classes?

Depending on the type of course that you take, Newen will offer you the possibility to pay for the first class before paying for the total course. Until the third class, the school will refund 100% of the payment done for the remaining classes that you have not received yet. From the fourth class on, the school will refund 50% of the rate for the remaining classes. There is no problem if you want to transfer your remaining credit to another student, although this is something that only you can do.

How is the payment done? How do discounts work?

All the classes are paid at the beginning of the course for the total duration of the course, or for the current month, in the case of non-intensive courses. Discounts are applied only when paying for the total period of the course offered, that is to say, if you choose to have a 3-weeks intensive course, the discount will only apply if you pay for the 3 weeks on the first payment.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, or cash. If you have a Chilean bank account you can also bank wire.

What happens if I want to have an intensive group course, but there are no more students of my same level?

The course will start with just one student, without having to pay any extra money.

Do you provide classes at home/workplace?

Yes, they can be group or private classes. Each session has to be of a minimum of 2 lessons (each lesson lasts 45 minutes). In case of requiring less that 2 lessons per class, we can provide the service, but with a surcharge.

Tariffs for this type of classes are subjected to the location and accessibility to your house/workplace.

What is the schedule of classes?

Intensive classes are from Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 1.00pm, with a pause of 30 minutes that it is not charged, nor considered within the “4 lessons per day” of an intensive class.

Are there any classes during weekends?

We can schedule classes on Saturdays starting from 11am. The availability is limited, though. We normally do not have classes on sundays, however, we can schedule one depending on availability.

Do you have extracurricular activities?

Yes. Intensive courses come with a walking tour in Spanish to places of cultural interest with the main objective of practicing Spanish.

We also offer different activities, such as, watching a soccer match together, movies or documentaries, visiting exhibitions, counseling in traveling during the weekends offered by travel agencies.

How long in advance should I make a reservation for a course?

There is no rule regarding reservations, however, we recommend to do it with a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

Is it possible to start a course with one day notice?

Newen is a small school, that is way we usually have the capacity to react to the requirements of our students.



    The word «Newen», in Mapudungu (a native language of our country) means «energy of the universe». We have chosen this name as a way of introducing our foreign visitors to a part of our culture, because we know that learning a language also means learning about the culture to which it belongs. This is one of the reasons that we have founded the Newen Spanish School in Chile.


    The school is located in front of Parque Forestal, one block away from a metro station and Fine Arts Museum, three blocks away from Santa Lucía Hill and six from San Cristóbal Hill and Metropolitan Park, and surrounded by a lots of coffee shops with an excelent atmosphere.